Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Mill End Voices. We hope you will come and join us, so to give you an idea of what to expect, here are the answers to some commonly-asked questions:

What music do you sing?
Mostly musical theatre and (older) pop songs, with a bit of classical music thrown in for variety. Much of it is accompanied by backing tracks, although we will look to sing with piano and/or unaccompanied in the future.

Is all the music produced ‘in-house’?
Yes, at the moment, as our conductor is a professional arranger and loves finding unusual songs for us to do. We also work with commercial arrangements, but on the whole it is our arrangements and repertoire which constitute our Unique Selling Point.

How much does it cost?
There are no subs or membership fees. You just pay £10 on the door (or £5 if it's your first session). We are currently running a special offer, Bring a Tenor, Pay a Fiver, which entitles you to a half-price session if you bring along a new male singer (tenor or bass).

I've heard that you rehearse very fast!
Yes we do, but don’t panic - you are surrounded by lots of friendly faces and voices, many of whom have been to a number of rehearsals and know the music well. They will help you along, as well as being understanding. Don’t be scared to ask for occasional guidance, especially if you are unsure which line is yours on the page and how the repeats work.
Our rehearsals do zip along - as we only meet once a month we have to move fast, although there is still plenty of time to ask questions and work out tricky notes along the way.

I don’t really read music
We are interested in your voice and enthusiasm, so if you pick things up fast by listening that’s great and you are very welcome. It might be tough to start with, but you will know whether or not it will come good soon - it’s up to you.

Can I take the music home?
The original sheet music stays with us, mainly in order to ensure that we have spares for newcomers such as yourself at each rehearsal. However, this website will come to your rescue. Once you have attended a rehearsal you will be able to register with the website. This will give you access to downloads of sheet music for the songs we are currently working on. In addition, there are audio tracks with just your part on them, plus accompaniment - this should help you learn the musical lines.

Will I be expected to do any practice at home?
Not expected, but it will certainly help if you have sung along to the tracks in between sessions - we do only meet monthly after all. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the music so much you just won’t be able to resist! Burning a CD of rehearsal tracks to sing along to in the car is a great way of becoming familiar with your part.

Do we do public performances?
Not many yet, although we hope to do more in the future once we have built up a decent repertoire.
We usually make an annual appearance in the High Wycombe Music Centre Choral Concert (in March) where we join the Stage Choir for one piece and last summer we did an informal concert in Great Missenden Parish Church, but otherwise no regular performances so no pressure!

How is the money spent?
There are no membership fees, and the choir is run as a non-profit making organisation. Once all costs have been covered, any surplus is given to the Music Centre PTA to support the work of the music centre, particularly its junior choral groups.

How do you communicate?
Primarily through email and this website. You can contact us through this form.

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